Persian porcelain dish, c. 1660-70

Graphics & Photography

Artists impression of a medieval abbey at Bristol, By Jake Lunt


We have a flexible, efficient and highly productive graphics department who are able to provide most kinds of illustrative material, from drawings to accompany the shortest report, to glossy publications and display material. We use Computer Aided Design for all types of mapping, technical drawings, report illustrations and publication drawings. We also use GIS for spatial and chronological analysis of archaeological and landscape data. The results of all standing building surveys are also drawn up in CAD.

We endeavour to facilitate the exchange of graphical information with our clients at all stages of a project, in the format most useful to them. Our finds illustrators are all either experienced archaeologists or draughts people, who use both manual and digital illustration techniques. Artistic reconstructions based on excavated evidence are also part of the service we can provide.

Tatberht, from PCA Monograph NO.2 Elevation drawing of a Roman wall Reconstructed Orangery floor, Chiswick House, London Phase drawing of an Engine House, Kings Cross, London Colour coded structures around Area 5 Tenements, M74 Completion Project, Glasgow


Photographic images are an invaluable part of the excavation recording system, post-excavation reports and publications. Our professional photographer records images of every aspect of the archaeological process using 35mm, medium format and digital cameras to photograph:


  • Aerial photography using a 15m photo mast
  • Archaeological landscapes
  • In situ archaeological features and deposits
  • Standing buildings for built heritage archives

Post excavation analysis; artefacts

  • Animal remains
  • Coins
  • Curiosities
  • Building materials
  • Human remains
  • Inscriptions
  • Jewellery and other adornments
  • Pottery
  • Tools and other artifacts

Working in studio and field work environments we are able to provide a range of services including rectified photography and digital manipulation where appropriate, as well as the accurate recording of minute details using macro photography.


Roman trackway from Drapers' Gardens Inhumation with grave goods, from Trinity St, London Pits and ditches visible from within an Iron Age enclosure