A piece of Roman gilded leather from Drapers' Gardens


Deep and complex excavations at Drapers Gardens, London

An archaeological excavation is usually undertaken as a condition of planning consent, when significant archaeological remains have been demonstrated to exist on a site through a process of archaeological evaluation. These works can often be the most costly and disruptive of archaeological interventions to a development programme if not properly planned and managed.

Excavation is normally required when significant archaeological remains within the footprint will be destroyed by the development process. Excavation is undertaken in accordance with a Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI), a document produced by Pre-Construct Archaeology, on our clients' behalf, and agreed with the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

The intention of an excavation, through hand excavation and methodical recording, is to preserve all or most of the archaeological remains. The results and analysis of the excavations will be compiled into a comprehensive illustrated report usually leading to a publication in an archaeological journal or equivalent outlet.

The post-excavation analysis and reporting phase commences upon the completion of the on-site works; the end result is that PCA produce a suitable publication, be that in a Monograph, Journal or magazine.

At PCA we have proven experience in undertaking excavation projects of varying size and complexity. We have carried out excavations across the country from Glasgow to Gosport, from Manchester to Maidstone, and many parts in between, including of course London.

As part of a project team, PCA will:

  • liaise with our client, their agents, architects, demolition contractors and ground workers to reduce as far as possible the time we spend on site;
  • negotiate with the LPA the parameters of fieldwork to determine a suitable mitigation strategy whilst protecting the archaeological resource from unnecessary damage;
  • maintain the highest professional standards.
Archaeologists excavate the remains of Bermondsey Abbey, Southwark A Roman street is exposed at Shippams Factory site, Chichester during large scale excavations Deep and complex excavation at London Bridge Large scale excavations at Drapers' Gardens, London Part of a CAD drawing of late Bronze Age features