Roman Pewter drinking jug from Drapers' Gardens

Archaeological Survey

archaeological survey in Hyde Park, London

Archaeological survey is a critical aspect of any archaeological project. Pre-Construct Archaeology’s team of skilled surveyors, with mapping and graphics specialist support, provide a full service from data capture and processing to presentation and interpretation.

At Pre-Construct Archaeology we have a variety of techniques for archaeological surveys at our disposal. The survey team is equipped with the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) and Total Station instruments and processing software.

We carry out a wide variety of survey tasks and we can provide data ranging from an overview to in-depth analysis, recording and interpretation for planning, management or research purposes.

Pre-Construct Archaeology’s survey team undertake:

  • Measured Field Survey: earthwork survey, landscape survey
  • Landscape Investigation: walkover survey, landscape assessment
  • Topographical Survey: contour survey, detail mapping
  • Building recording: plans, elevations, sections
  • Site set-up and recording: setting out, taking observations
  • Control: grids, traverses, tying in sites to National Grid

Topographic, contour and landscape surveys can be supplemented by a range of geophysical techniques, such as resistivity, magnetic susceptibility or ground penetrating radar which are predictive tools designed to investigate below ground level.

The comprehensive service provided by Pre-Construct Archaeology will integrate the results of survey as part of a complete archaeological package developed in consultation with our clients and tailored to suit the requirements of each project.

GPS Satallite Survey at an evaluation in Kent Total Station Survey at Hyde Park, London Leveling instrument being used at The Tower of London CAD drawing of a phase plan of archaeological features, Drapers' Gardens, London Building elevation survey of Stanley Buildings, Kings Cross, London