Roman Intaglio from Drapers Gardens depicting a legionary eagle perched on a thunderbolt and holding a victory wreath in its beak


Heritage Advice

Planning & Research

We are aware that the heritage requirements for heritage works can be potentially detrimental to a development programme. For this reason we encourage our clients to contact us as early as possible in the pre-planning stages of a development so that together we can attempt to minimise the heritage risk. PCA offers a range of planning services including:

  • Heritage Advice
  • Desk-based Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Assessments

Surveying Services

Survey work may be required in response to the recommendations of a Conservation Management Plan, Environmental Impact Assessment or Historic Landscape Assessment. It is also used for the recording, analysis and interpretation of historic sites, landscapes, buildings and monuments. survey undertaken by PCA:

  • Archaeological Survey
  • Earthwork Surveys
  • Landscape Surveys
Built Heritage Services

Built Heritage

PCA's Historic Buildings and Conservation Team offers a range of integrated services to enable clients to develop and refurbish properties in the historic built environment efficiently and economically.
PCA offers a range of core services including:

  • Conservation Area Appraisal
  • Building Recording
  • Area Assessment
  • Building Assessment
  • Conservation Plans

Site Investigation

An archaeological investigation is usually undertaken as a condition of planning consent, This may range from the monitoring of ground works by a professional archaeologist to an significant archaeological excavation.
PCA offers a range of site investigation services including:

  • Observation & Recording
  • Evaluations
  • Excavations
Built Heritage Services

Post Excavation

Post excavation is absolutely vital to the successful completion of all of our projects.PCA deals with large quantities of artefacts from all eras from the Prehistoric to the Modern.
PCA offers a specialist service for:

  • Finds Processing & Catalogue
  • Specialist Finds Analysis
  • Producing the Archaeological Archive
Heritage Advice

Graphics & Photography

We have a flexible, efficient and highly productive graphics department who are able to provide most kinds of illustrative material, from drawings to accompany the shortest report, to glossy publications and display material.

  • Illustration & Graphics
  • Technical drawings
  • Artistic Reconstruction
  • Publication
  • GIS
  • Photography