Bellarmine jar from The Tower of London

Built Heritage Services

Built Heritage Services - The Coal and Fish Offices at Kings Cross

Pre-Construct Archaeology's Historic Buildings and Conservation Team offers a range of integrated services to enable clients to develop and refurbish properties in the historic built environment efficiently and economically. A brief description of our core services is provided below:

Conservation Area Appraisal
PCA has considerable expertise and experience in the rapid appraisal and characterisation of historic areas, such as Ashton-under-Lyne, Kings Cross Goods Yard and the London 2012 Olympic Park.

Area Assessment
A rapid, mostly desk based assessment, looking at the historic development of an area, with a brief examination of the buildings, features and their setting.

Building Assessment
Focuses on a specific building, defining its architectural or historic interest, and thereby indicating which elements of a building are more and less sensitive to alteration.

Environmental Impact Assessment
This is similar to a building assessment, but includes an evaluation of the impacts of a proposed scheme on the historic environment.

Conservation Plans
Planning the long-term management of historic buildings and areas requires a thorough understanding of the historic development and importance of the resource and its component parts and materials.

Building Recording
A detailed archaeological record of a building, group of buildings or landscape is often specified as a condition of Listed Building Consent, Conservation Area Consent or Planning Consent. It is also necessary when designing for conservation works.

We offer recording using the following methods:

  • Archival research/knowledge of architectural history;
  • Measured, electronic, rectified and photographic survey, (large & medium format and 35mm photography);
  • Historic building fabric and materials analysis and dating;
  • Graphics (using AutoCAD 2011, rectified photography and hand illustration).

At the initial planning and design stage PCA will:

  • Advise on the planning application;
  • Undertake an initial assessment of the building, area or landscape;
  • Input into EIA if required;
  • Reduce or eliminate built heritage risk;
  • Target works more effectively;
  • Negotiate on our client's behalf with the statutory authorities.

After planning consent has been granted PCA will:

  • Undertake a historic building survey to fulfil the conditions of the planning consent;
  • Identify, date, evaluate and analyse historic building materials;
  • Produce a fully illustrated report (including photographs and plans);
  • Produce a publication (when required);
  • Discharge the planning condition.
Timber drying shed at Sawston, Cambridge Kings Cross Central; The Coal and Fish Offices Detail of a clock face at Western Transit Sheds, Kings Cross The Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross