PCA Monograph Series

PCA Monograph 20

PCA Monograph 21

A history of the walled gardens at Alnwick Castle as revealed though excavations and standing building survey
Price: £28.00

PCA Monograph 20

PCA Monograph 20

A Quaker Burial Ground at North Shields. Excavations at Coach Lane, Tyne and Wear
Price: £20.00

PCA Monograph 19

PCA Monograph 19

An Immense and Exceedingly Commodious Goods Station
The Archaeology and History of the GNR's Goods Yard at King's Cross.
Price: £30.00

PCA Monograph No.17

PCA Monograph 18

Temples and Suburbs
Excavations at Tabard Square, Southwark
Price: £27.00

PCA Monograph No.17

PCA Monograph 17

Roman Burials in Southwark: Excavations at 52-56 Lant Street and 56 Soutwark Bridge Road, London SE1
Price: £15.00

PCA Monograph No.16

PCA Monograph 16

Friars, Quakers, Industry and Urbanisation: The Archaeology of the Broadmead Expansion Project Cabot Circus, Bristol 2005-2008.
Price: £34.95

PCA Monograph No.15

PCA Monograph 15

Faverdale, Darlington:
Excavations at a major settlement in the northern frontier zone of Roman Britain
Price: 20

PCA Monograph No.14

PCA Monograph 14

Roman archaeology in the Upper Reaches of the Walbrook Valley.
Excavations at 6–8 Tokenhouse Yard, London EC2,
Price: 15

PCA Monograph No.13

PCA Monograph 13

Settlement, Ceremony and Industry on Mousehold Heath
Excavations at Laurel Farm (Phase II), Broadland Business Park, Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk
Price: £15

PCA Monograph No.12

PCA Monograph 12

A Roman settlement and bath house at Shadwell
Excavations at Tobacco Dock and Babe Ruth resturant, The Highway, London
Price: £20

PCA Monograph No.11

PCA Monograph 11

Pegswood Moor, Morpeth:
A Later Iron Age and Romano-British Farmstead Settlement
Price: £14.95

PCA Monograph No.10

PCA Monograph 10

The Sea and the Marsh:
The Medieval Cinque Port of New Romney
Price: £16.95

PCA Monograph 9

PCA Monograph 9

On the Boundaries of Occupation:
Excavations at Burringham Road, Scunthorpe and Baldwin Avenue, Bottesford, North Lincolnshire
Price: £14.95

PCA Monograph No.8

PCA Monograph 8

A New Millennium at Southwark Cathedral:
Investigations into the First Two Thousand Years
Online Version

PCA Monograph No.7

PCA Monograph 7

From Temples to Thames Street,
2000 Years of Riverside Development: Archaeological Excavations at the Salvation Army International Headquarters,London
Price: £18.95

PCA Monograph No.6

PCA Monograph 6

Reclaiming the Marsh:
Archaeological Excavations at Moor House, City of London
Online Version

PCA Monograph No.5

PCA Monograph 5

Unlocking the Landscape:
Archaeological Excavations at Ashford Prison, Middlesex
Price: £17.95

PCA Monograph No.4

PCA Monograph 4

Saxons, Templars & Lawyers in the Inner Temple:
Archaeological investigations in Church Court and Hare Court
Online Version

PCA Monograph No.3

PCA Monograph 3

Occupation of a North Kent Village from the Mesolithic to the Medieval period
Online Version

PCA Monograph No.2

PCA Monograph 2

Tatberht's Lundenwic:
Archaeological Excavations in Middle Saxon London
Online Version

PCA Monograph No.1

PCA Monograph 1

Excavations at Hunt's House, Guy's Hospital, London Borough of Southwark
Online Version