Gold cufflink from a Quaker cemetary, potentially 18th-19th century
Reconstruction of a Roman Street Scene at Drapers' Gardens

The Glasgow we used to know

The Archaeology of the M74 Motorway Completion Project in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire

By David Drew

Secrets of the Gardens: Archaeologists Unearth the Lives of Roman Londoners at Drapers' GardensIn May 2008 construction work began to complete the missing link between the end of the M74 motorway at the Fullarton Road Junction near Carmyle and the M8 motorway west of Kingston Bridge next to Glasgow’s city centre. Along the way were parts of the city’s rightly world-famous industrial heritage. A project ensued on a scale as yet unmatched anywhere else in the world, to record and research the hidden remains of the iron and brass foundries, textile mills, engineering works, lime kilns, railways, canals and the pottery which lay along the route of the motorway. The industrial remains sat alongside the tenements, homes, churches and pubs of the former workforce who had made their living in these businesses.
Their study offered a unique opportunity to improve our understanding of this dynamic, innovative and productive period and to establish how the different components interacted and functioned as a whole.

The work involved the collaboration of archaeologists and architectural and archival historians as well as drawing on the recollections and records of those who had lived here and their families. Archaeology made it possible to uncover many aspects of Glasgow’s recent past which would otherwise have been lost and forgotten. The result is ‘The Glasgow we used to know’ – a remarkable rich and varied story of this part of Glasgow and South Lanarkshire, from the eighteenth century to the present.

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