A history of the walled gardens at Alnwick Castle

as revealed though excavations and standing building survey

Victoria Ridgeway and Jennifer Proctor

PCA Monograph 20The Alnwick Garden, now a major tourist attraction, has had a chequered history spanning over 250 years, culminating with the creation of The Alnwick Garden, now a major tourist attraction. This volume reports on excavation and standing building recording carried out by Pre-Construct Archaeology between 2000 and 2004 within Alnwick Castle’s walled kitchen garden, in advance of its redevelopment. The gardens, first established in the 1760s, formed a small part of the castle grounds and parkland designed by the pre-eminent architect of the period, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. The book charts the changing fortunes of the garden, including detailed descriptions and illustrations of the layout of successive gardens and of the hothouses and conservatories which supplied the household with fresh produce and flowers. These are set alongside discussions of the plants and produce grown and the people who worked there, concluding with a consideration of the garden in its wider landscape setting.

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Hardback: 248 pages
Publish Date: 2018
Language: English
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