Roman Unguentarium vessel

"These two weeks (at PCA) have been immensely educational and fun, and we are both now considering taking Archaeology further, perhaps as A level but definitely as volunteers, thanks to the helpfulness and conversational friendliness of the staff."

Volunteering & Work Experience


Would you like to take an active part in your local Archaeology?

Pre-Construct Archaeology has been conducting excavations and other archaeological fieldwork in London and elsewhere for over 15 years. Archaeological finds and data, many from sites in Greater London, are continuously processed at our premises in Brockley. Work involves the cleaning, marking and cataloguing of archaeological finds but also the preparation of finds and site archives for deposition with the Museum of London Archaeological Archive and other local and regional museums.
Would you like the opportunity to get involved and participate, and to be able to handle some genuine archaeological finds?
Volunteers are welcome most days of the week.

Volunteers must be over 16.

Please contact: Marit Gaimster
Tel (: 0207 639 9091

Work Experience Placements

As part of our commitment to our profession and the local community PCA provides opportunities for volunteers to work with our professional staff.

PCA supports full and part time students, school students undertaking work placements or work shadowing, and the Prince's Trust.

Read about one of our recent placements here.

If you would like the opportunity to join our work experience programme then please feel free to contact us.

To find out more about work experience placements please contact:

Frank Meddens
Tel (: 020 7639 9091